All About Expiration Date

Its important to understand expiration date in MQLLock. We do differ between two different expiration dates:

Project expiration date

Project expiration date is dominating over user expiration-date. It can only modified by Premium or Professional projects, expiration date for trial project is set fixed to 15 days after your project has been converted. Please upgrade your project to enable this feature. You dont need to set an expiration date by your project. If you do so, your project will expire at set date automatically.

User expiration date

Its possible to set user level expiration dates per client. For exampe you can add a client to your licence definition and tell that this customer shall have an expiration date in 4 weeks. Of course its optional feature. By default users dont have expiration date. This feature is available by Account Number, CID, Login & Password and Receipt licencing methods.

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