ClickBank / ClickBetter & MQLLock Integration

We do fully support ClickBank/ClickBetter and MQLLock Automation. We have preared very details instructions for this purphose. You will need 30 minute to setup everything properly.


  • Details description & support
  • Activate clients upon sale automatically. They will start using your product immediatly
  • Deactivate clients upon refund automatically. You will remove every refunder immediatly from access list
  • Very detailed output and professional script is provided
  • You dont need necessarly programming skills in order to setup

We help you save money

Do not see MQLLock as decompile protection tool, MQLLock is also a tool for licencing! Imagine you sell 50 products and 10 of them issue a refund, most of affiliate platforms agree with refund because they dont want to be punished from instances over them (like their payment processor or banks). Especially in digital goods its a huge problem. Someone issues a refund request and affiliate companies agrees. Of course this company will agree and will try to protect ifself from possible punishment because affiliate companies dont lose anything. YOU are losing money and your products can be used for free even after Refund. Its time to stop this problem.

We can automatically activate and deactivate your clients for you! Imagine even 1 refund would cost you more then 50$, you can spend 25$ to MQLLock and manage all your clients through it. If your clients know, that you can cancel their access immediatly upon refund, they will think twice to issue refund or not! Even if you could change mind of 1 client, you will still save money.

Documentation & Introduction Videos