API2 Access to MQLLock

We have launched new API Version on Nov.2013. This API is called API2 and its brand-new and full documented. It supports new ways of integration. We will keep supporting all our clients on API1 with some limitations. Please upgrade from API1 to API2 as soon as possible.

MQLLock also supports seamless implementation with your existing platform using API Access. Imagine you have your own scripts running on your servers and want to embed MQLLock to your existing platform. No problem at all.

You can automate everything about licencing and user management completly. Todo this you need a professional account access, thats it. As soon you upgrade your account to professional you will get new menu displayed in the vendor panel. You can access this feature and configure your API access.

Very important point to understand is that we give you the key to our platform with many functions to call. But this key is programatical level. To integrate your existing platform with ours or to create completly new interface you need a skilled PHP coder who can implement the key into your system. Not every MQL coder can do this. You need someone who understands PHP Coding. You may try to find people over sites such as freelancer.com.


API Client is currently available for PHP but it can be ported to any other language because its open-source api. Feel free to port it. We have ported API2 to c# .net platform with MQLLock Manager


We have very verbose API2 documentation prepared for you here

Features (API2)

  • Add, Remove, Disable, Enable all kind of licences
  • Modify Expiration-Dates from clients
  • Retrieve all clients
  • All actions are applied realtime
  • Search clients/licences
  • Determine if there is an engine update
  • Read Account details such as expiration date, subscription expiration date, account type
  • Read AccountID, ProjectID