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Use this form to submit your project to the MQLLock Engine. Fill out all the sections of the form below and click submit. After your information has been processed you`ll receive an email (sent to the address you entered in the form) containing the details of your project. Please be patient, in exceptional cases the process can take up to one hour. The whole process is automated with no human intervention. Your source code will not be reviewed by us unless you ask us to do so.It takes under 10 minutes to finish your Protection and its completly FREE for 15 Days. You can remove your Source Files anytime you wish from system

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After processing your files we will send you an email. The email will contain all the informtion you`ll need to log in to our backend for your project. Please make sure you can receive emails from *

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The project name should contain more than 3 characters. You can change it after it’s been processed by Premium Projects. Please give it a name that makes some kind of sense to you. We recommend you include your product name and version.

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To get protected you must submit your MQL file to the MLEngine. If your project contains any Include files they should also be sent to us.

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In order to continue you must read and agree to the conditions contained in the following Agreement(s)

License type can be defined after processing inside the Vendor Panel. All other details are also adjustable within the Vendor Panel.