Rumors about cracked MQLLock

We sometimes hear some rumors about cracked MQLLock clients. We want to make an official statement about this. Around 6 Months ago a client of us has asked us to use ML in some small release. At this time ML was not released and was not finished at all, moreover it did not have any protection. This client has release this product and his .dll files are nulled from some crackers. They state now that they have cracked ML, which is not true. Release version of ML has over 6 different protections against cracking & hacking, which is 6 more then ancient version. The EA which was cracked that time is “*ScalperN*”.

We officially announce that ML cannot be cracked that easly and the story behing this EA can be read above. The “crackers” have nulled an unprotected, alpha version of ML which was not intented to release in bigger scale. The original version of this EA is doing very good, thats why they refer ancient version of it.

Thank you for understanding

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