Protection measurements have been improved!

Highend Protection!

We as MQLLock take care also about your Protection. ML has more then 10 different protection measurements from custom to professional variety. We can say those measurements are beeing improved every day and since all updates are free lifetime, you can enjoy them by updating. Those protections vary from disassembler protection till integrity protections. Last week we had introduced one of the protections: code-signing.
Because of our company policy we dont publish all of the protections not to give too much information to potential crackers but as our client you can feel safe to have a professional team behind this issue.

Imagine you would do this job yourself on your own DLL: this would cost you months, just to learn how to code in this niche, beside this you must understand a lot from crackers, hackers, disassemblers, packers etc to be able to implement such protections. Let us do this job and you enjoy the rest.

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