Understanding our pricing policy

A licence gives you the ability to host 1 Project with unlimited clients, hosting, update and support while you pay subscription fee. You can send converted project to an unlimited number of clients and it can service unlimited number of clients. You don`t need a licence per client!

How to buy a license

Please Submit your Project to our System. After it´s been processed successfully you will receive an assigned AUTH Code. Use this code to login to the Vendor Panel and upgrade your trial project to premium or professional. The trial project is a fully working project. Please test everything carefully in the trial version before buying the premium/professional license when the trial period expires. Don´t forget to check the Instructions page for more details about how to submit your project. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes and you can use the Trial absolutely Free.


In this section you can compare our pricing policy in detail. We offer a Trial Version to allow you to test our service. Use of the Trial Version is limited to 15 days and does not include Premium support or updates. All other features are fully functional. Please note that when the trial period expires your project will stop working.

Feature Trial version Premium version Professional version
Obfuscation levels 5 7 7
Protection levels 5 7 7
Code-signing Yes Yes Yes
Auto-Exporting MQL code to DLL Yes Yes Yes
Anti-disassembler protection Yes Yes Yes
Anti-debugger protection Yes Yes Yes
Account number licencing unlimited unlimited unlimited
CID licencing unlimited unlimited unlimited
Login & password licencing unlimited unlimited unlimited
Recipt number licencing unlimited unlimited unlimited
Hosting 15 Days Lifetime Lifetime
Expiration date 15 Days No Limit No Limit
User expiration date 15 Days No Limit No Limit
Removing expiration eate No Yes Yes
Premium email support No Yes Yes
Reprocess access No Yes Yes
Setting product URL No Yes Yes
MQLLock library support Yes Yes Yes
Ability to delete source code Yes Yes Yes
Ability to replace source code No Yes Yes
Ability to download older revisions No Yes Yes
Change project name No, static Yes Yes
Ability to put the project on hold Yes Yes Yes
Ability to send update notifications Yes Yes Yes
ML API access No No Yes
Remotevar access No No Yes
Account type detection No No Yes
Automatic Updates by Clients No Yes Yes
Price per Project Free 19 $ / Month 25 $ / Month