MQLLock Troubleshooting

Here we would like to publish a document to help your clients by finding errors. Please make sure you follow these steps before contacting our support.

Step 1 – Check local Time

Time is most critical criter by mqllock and many other applications. Even for trading its very critical and essential to have local time. Imagine many EAs calculate time to GMT or EST and this goes through local time. If you have wrong time this would cause a hassle your applications. Please do not check other steps if your time is wrong. Some virus or other software may change your time from time to time.

There are many ways to keep your time on computer synced, find your way how to keep your time synced. Below you will find videos and tools which may help you to keep your time synced.

Very useful tool to keep the time synced

The NetTime tool from may help you to sync your time and keep it synced.

Videos to show you how to sync and keep your date synced

Help Reference

Step 2 – Check Digital Certificate

Every MQLLock File has been digitally signed. You may read this post to understand what are siginal signatures. Sometimes some virus, software or hacker may have attempted to modify the licence or content of mqllock compiled dll files, in such cases the licence gets invalidated and dll files will stop working.

Please check the digital certificate and its integrity by follow the steps here. Make sure you see a valid certificate! If not contact us. Dll files without valid Digital Certificate will cause trouble which may be crash.

Step 3 – Check the connection manually

MQLLock has several servers and backup servers to authentifacete. In rare cases your firewall or your uplink or your vps provider may block our ips. To check this make sure you start “Microsoft Internet Explorer”(MSIE) and follow our instructions. Its essential that you do these steps using MSIE because MQLLock is using internet explorers API to connect. So other brokers such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari are not eligible to check this step.

After you have started MSIE nagivate to and see as content “” without getting any warning from internet explorer! Please note that the url contains a https:// and not http://, also this small detail is very important. If you dont see “” or get any warning from MSIE, this is an indication that this step has failed and something is wrong with your settings.

What may be wrong:

  • Your local time may be wrong
  • Your browser may give you a certificate error
  • Your Firewall may block this url
  • Your AntiVirus Software may block this url
  • Your Uplink/VPS Broker/ISP may block this url
  • You may have setuped a manual proxy which is not correct

You may try to disable software, firewall to make sure you see the url mentioned above without any error. In case of certificate error you must close the browser and open again to refresh because ssl certificate errors are cached in browser.

You can try till you get a valid connection to mentioned url. If not please send us an email with screenshoot of whole MSIE to In this email mention your operating system, your country, your ISP/VPS Provider and your name please. Our team will try to help you further. But please try to solve this problem yourself because 99.9% this problem is your local problem.

Step 4 – Disable your Firewall, AntiVirus Software

There are tons of different firewall and antivirus software available in internet. This means variety of many developers are involved. Buying a software does not mean its bug-free! Your antivirus software of Firewall may have an “intelligent” system to detect problematic applications. We recommend to disable all anti-virus and firewall software one-by-one and test your MQLlock protected application step by step to detect incompatibility. MQLlock is very high technology and it sometimes look like a virus because its high technology used like viruses. If your Anti-Virus/Firewall software blocks MQLLock files for any reason, please add it to WhiteList of your software.

Sometimes your ISP/VPS Provider may have a Firewall out of your scope. In such cases we recommend to contact your uplink to resolve this issue.

Step 5 – Test only MQLLock protected code

Sometimes you may have multiple EAs, Indicators on your Metatrader while you test MQLLock product. Please close all charts and indicators and only have 1 chart open along MQLLock protected file and test it isolated. If you see any difference between multiple chart/product and single chart version, please contact us and provide detailed information about your other products/charts. We are here to adapt MQLLock and make it compatible with every possible software.

Step 6 – Check Proxy

MQLLock is not able to work with Proxy Environment. If you have passed all previous steps please check your Internet Explorer Settings:

Click to “Internet Options”, Open “Connections” Tab, Click to “LAN Settings” and make sure your Proxy Server Settings are like on screenshoot. If “Use a proxy server for your LAN” is checked, do not uncheck this! This may disconnect you from internet. If this setting is checked then MQLLock may not be compatible with your proxy. Such settings are usually used on constitutional environments like companies. You can consult your System Administrator how to bypass this setting without loosing your Internet connection.

You may have older versions of Internet Explorer on your computer installed. Proxy settings look similar on all versions, you must find proper configuration. All versions of MSIE has this setting, its pretty stable feature. You may also try to uncheck “Use a proxy server for your LAN” setting and try MQLLock without it, if it still does not work you can check it again. This step is just to make sure that you really need proxy settings. Important: MQLLock is using proxy settings of MSIE. Thats why we only consider MSIE Proxy Settings, we do not care about other browsers Proxy Settings.

LAST STEP – Contact Support

As last step please contact our support. Most of MQLLock related problems are solveable before contacting support. Plesae give our support team enough time to resolve and study the problem. Please also understand that there are millions of other products and configurations in the world. Every configuration may have local or remote problems or other incompatibilities. If MQLlock does not work on your environment, this does not mean that MQLLock is fauly. The troubleshooting steps we mentioned above proves this. Please send us as many details as possible about your problem. We do serve thousands of clients with protection and need to understand the issue in detail. Every kind of additional info is useful. We also appreciate about any screenshoots to visualize the issue or even videos. The symptoms may be different from computer to computer, thats why we need to understand exactly whats wrong. We do not accept simple “it does not work” and hope you understand this.
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