MQLLock needs maintenance

Current Market Situation

Understanding the market is everything. The protection market is like dog&cat game. It will never end and its continious business. Crackers, Hackers act and Protection business re-acts. Like AntiVirus Software protection business will be always 1 step behind the crackers.

Real power of MQLLock

Real power is not MQLLocks strong-protection-mechanism. Its the maintenance behind MQLLock. Our programmers are very high skilled and dedicated to do everything to protect your products. We are ready to re-act every offend against MQLLock and your products. MQLLock is best available protection in this niche market available and we will make sure it keeps its position.

Our Motivation

First of all we want to protect your products from crackers, hackers and thiefs! But we also have to pay our team and because this business is a continious business we need to maintain and keep this team highly motivated. To ensure this the only right way is subscription model. In subscription model you pay your part of our high skilled team to keep your products protected. This is a win-win situation. Imagine you would pay one time 999$, after 1 year we would not have any power to pay our team and then need to shutdown the business. We do adapt many security patches, bug fixes and new features during time. All this costs money and the only right way is to split the costs with our clients.

By the way

Same reason and motiviation is behing all kind of Anti-Virus-Software. A Software which is not updated regularly is nothing worth. Its same by MQLLock.

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