Why you need MQLLock with new builds?

Current Situation

MQLLock (ML) is most effective protection system available for Metatrader4 market. Our company is developing solutions since 2008 to protect all clients. Currently ML is able to licence,authenticate and protect your products from software pirates

All EX4 Formats < 520 are decompileable from everyone for under 10$, but ML is able to protect your product for a small fee

Why do you need subscription based MQLLock ?

We compare ML with AntiVirus (AV) Software. AV Software is also subscription based (usually annual subscription) because its a dog-and-cat game with hackers. Hackers act and AV re-act. Its similar to ML. Only death is 100% in this life. Our team is improving this product every single day to keep it safe. You probably see that our team is reacting to all kind of updates very fast. Thats why we need monthly subscription. One thing is very important to understand: Every protection without continious support and improvemetns will be hacked very soon. MQLLock team is yours, we are working for you to improve for small monthly payment. You are our boss and we are working for you.

New EX4 Format will be cracked soon

MetaQuotes states that EX4 format will be more secure in new builds. This is a statement but we have information about very good sources that new EX4 format is almost ready to be decompiled. There are capable guys they do such job just to get some thumb-ups from collegues. Of course its also about money. Imagine there are hundrets of thousands EX4 formats out there in market. If someone is able to decompile new EX4 format, this may bring this person 10$ (this price may be lot more in new format) x 10000 copies = 100k USD. This is huge money for almost all countries and persons. Once format has been studied it will be matter of marketting to get very good money.

Exactly these two motivation factors lead hackers, crackers to attack new EX4 Format. We recommend all our clients to wait at least 6-12 Month to make sure and to verify that EX4 is safe. We think it will be hacked very soon, there is big demand for it. Even clients wants that, even they request that some hackers decompile EX4 format. Not many people want to pay 80-150$ per licence. Its for them easier to download !

Please keep your projects with MQLLock and do not risk it. When EX4 Format will be cracked is not sure but we know it will be done soon. Lets imagine you trust new EX4 format and market your code without ML, then you risk your EX4 format to be decompiled after x years. There will be decompiler sooner or later! If you market EX4 without protection, after 3 years someone may decompile your sold EX4 and your products algoritm is gone.

MQLLock is more than Decompile Protection

ML does not only provide you Protection against decompilers. It also provides you licencing. Even if we assume new EX4 format is safe, how do you want to solve licencing? How do you want to enable, disable licences from your clients that easy? You have to write your own system and this system will not be hardened like mqllock. We have team of 3 hardcore hackers behind mqllock, keeping mqllock up2date and keep required improvements every single day.


We will keep updating ML to be safer, faster and more features as long as you keep with us

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