ML Manager (MLM)

MLM is a Desktop software which uses MQLLOCK API2. This software has been designed to demonstrate the power of API2. Application has been written in c# and is available open-source


  • Open Source
  • Unlimited Projects can be managed
  • Unlimited Clients can be managed
  • Can remove Clients
  • Can Set ProjectName & ProductURL
  • View your projects expiration date
  • Almost every method has been ported to .NET from api2.php
  • Your can unattach every project and move it along your desktop


What you cannot do with MLM

We will slowly improve this application with more feature but we dont want to replace Login Area completely yet. We want to offer complimentary features with MLM. List of not implemented features:

  • You cannot edit project expiration date
  • You cannot add new clients
  • You cannot edit Users & their properties


  • NET 4.0 Library
  • Newtonsoft.Json (is included)
  • Source Codes are written with VS2010
  • You need a PROFESSIONAL Account. If you want to upgrade please ready this


We do provide Binary and Source version to download. Binary version is (for now) as .ZIP, you can simply download it, unpack it somewhere and execute it. You have everything you need inside this file

Source Version does not contain any binaries, source version is designed to develop with VS2010 or newer

Your help is required

Please contact us at with suggestions, bug-fixes or any other issues. If you have coded a nice feature please send us your source, so we can publish it for everyone. We will also mention your name here.


Binary files. Version 2.4

.NET C# Source files for VS2010+. Version 2.4

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