New Metatrader4 Changes & MQLLock

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Updated 05.Feb.2014

Current Situation

Currently Metatrader Build < 0520 is recent released version but MetaQuotes has also launched Build 600 to many clients. Metaquotes made many changes on MT4 Terminal. They try to uniform MQL4 which was outdated with MQL5 which was not accepted from community and tried to make a hybrid Platform. By doing this they have fixed many issues in MQL Language itself. You can follow and posts like this to get more detailed insight about changes.

Understand Compatibility mode

Metaquotes has prepared new builds with compatibility mode. This means that your source code will most likely continue working. For sure you have to re-compile your current source code in new MT4 and you really should fix all Compiler Warnings. Those warnings are made to bring you to right path. We recommend you to try new MT4 and try to compile it and fix all warnings and errors. MQL4 was very tolerating language. It did not care about programming or logical errors alot. This is not a good attribute of a stable programming language. They have changed this attribute in new MQL4 and its more strict.

Test your code carefully

Due to compatibility issues your code may compile but your algoritm may not run like in old MQL4! We have seen this several times. First step towards right direction is to eliminate all compiler warnings. Why this is so important: without having a solid testing base you will not be able to test mqllock locked source code. Mqllock will convert your code to new language but we cannot guarantee about compatibility mode. We can only guarantee that your locked code will act same as original. If original does not act like your old-mql4 code, then its a big issue. This is important topic to understand

What we have done so far

MT4 Build > 520 is beeing beta tested since several months, we have followed all development and prepared required changes for MQLLock Engine. There are tons of changes for MQLLock and for you. Please understand: it will not be possible to run old .ex4 or new MT4 platforms! You have to re-compile everything in new MT4 to generate new .ex4 format. (They have also changed .ex4 format). This also means that MQLLock needs to generate different DLL files for new MT4 builds. We have prepared and made MQLLock ready for new MT4 but new MT4 is still beeing tested and we expect many many errors (since there were many changes in MQL4 itself) during next months. This is a action, re-action game for us. We have to update our product continiously with MetaQuotes, MetaQuotes has to bring new updates while people report bugs and errors.

MQLLock is ready

We have released MQLLock Version for all our clients. You can use to supply your source code to our Servers yet. This version will generate DLL files compatible with MT4 Builds > 0520. Generated files cannot be used in old MT4 at all. Important: There are tons of changes in new MQL4 compiler. You must first try to compile your current source code with new MQL4 compiler, eliminate all Warnings, then submit this file to our Platform. Sometimes new MQL4 compiler does not compile with old code, our backend does verify your code with new compiler. If your source code does not compile with new compiler, then it will also not compile with our beta platform. Your source code may take a while to process: our team is continiously working on new beta platform.

There will be bugs in MT4

MetaQuotes made probably more then 2000 changes in new MT4. This brings a lot bugs. They were doing beta testing but beta testing will be made with 1000 developers, release version will be tested with 4Million traders. Developers think that the world is perfect and they are usually professional programmers and they know how to code and how to use an interface. But usual traders are not programmers and they will procude “unexpected” actions and software will re-act “unexpected” way, bugs will be discovered. This is part of programming and we know MetaQuotes will live same scenario. This means for you: also mqllock will needs to go through same situation and also we have to adapt our backend continiously. Moreover: sometimes we will not know if its mqllock bug or metaquotes bug or source code bug. Please be prepared for turbulent months with us

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