How to submit your project to MQLLock

Check this Video to see how Project Submission works

First steps with MQLLock projects – Introduction

See this video ‘Introduction into ML Part #1

All about Account Number Licencing

Account Number Licencing Introduction explained in two minutes

All about CID Licencing

CID Licencing Introduction explained in detail

AutoUpdate Feature Demonstration

Its very easy to update your clients using MQLLock.

Howto Reprocess (Update your source code)

You need to login into your account and follow video instructions

Howto install protected files (Instruction for 600+ Builds)

Once you have your .zip file from mqllock, you can follow this video how to install it to proper locations..

Howto Rename protected files to custom names

You can easly rename protected files in 3 easy steps.

For ml engine < 2.4.111

For ml engine >= 2.4.111

Detailed instructions are here

Enable DLL Execution

You need to enable DLL Execution in order to run mqllock files on your Metatrader.