Howto rename protected files

Howto rename for MQLLock Engine >= 2.4.111

ALL MQLLock protected files are renamed with MQLLock prefix and some kind of tags. This is required in order to convert your project and protect it. Most of the time you need to rename your Project to something more convenient. We have prepared videos to illustrate how to rename. Depending on MQLLock Engine you might need to watch different Video. You can check MQLLock Engine inside Vendor Panel, Downloads menu.

Howto rename for MQLLock Engine < 2.4.111


Start your Metatrader and apply your EA/Indicator to any chart. If everything displays correctly then all your steps were correct, if not check “Experts” tab on bottom part of your Metatrader, there you will find useful information what you have done wrong. For example if you see a message like:

then you have either edited the #import section wrong or you did not copy the .dll into experts\libraries folder.

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