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Fx1 is being working on MQLLock Project since July 2011. It has been over 1 year now and we are now proud to have finished our newest decompile protection software. Also many thanks to everyone who has participated on our beta-tests. Please note that ML is brand new and innovative approach to solve all needs from MQL Developers. Our goal was to eliminate decompiler and their existence with Guardian. Guardian is still doing very good job towards right direction. During last two years we have learned a lot about needs of you and what is missing. Of course biggest need is a solution which prevents decompilers. MQLLock is the best solution to solve this problem. MQLLock and Guardian are different approaches to solve problems. MQLLock has much more features and its easier to deploy because it does not need any seperate client software (guardian.exe) anymore. MQLLock is beeing shipped with a DLL file which contains all required parts:

  • Exported parts from your original source code
  • Obfuscation routines
  • Licencing routines
  • Authentication routines
  • Protection routines (Disassembler, Cracker, Debugger protection)
  • Updating routines
  • Remote Management routines
  • User Management routines
  • MQLLibrary Routines
  • and much more!

Try it yourself now and enjoy its features. We offer a 15-day trial version for everyone with full features enabled. Its completly free to try it and takes less then ten Minutes.

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