Features of MQLLock

To give you an overview of MQLLock here is a comprehensive list of its features with descriptions.

Feature Description
Protection at the highest level
ML acts as a protective shield around your project but it is not part of the project itself. In this way ML can protect your files without being compromised
Multiple levels of obfuscation
ML also provides obfuscation at both source code and DLL level. A unique DLL is compiled for every single project; even if projects are exactly the same the compiled DLL will be different! This adds an additional layer of security. Every DLL is unique and must be cracked or hacked separately. This feature makes it impossible to find a universal method of cracking ML-protected projects.
Exporting your functions automatically to DLL
ML protects not only your project but also your algorithm. Eighty per cent of all MQL code is converted automatically to DLL! This means that even if someone manages to decompile your .ex4 file, you don’t have to worry about your algorithm or your licensing. Everything will still be protected by ML. If a user has no access to your project then everything will be kept safely in the body of the DLL.
Security against Hackers, Crackers, Disassemblers and Debuggers
ML uses advanced techniques to prevent many different types of attack on the onboard DLL/Binary files. In addition, ML is actively maintained by an experienced team whose job it is to find and fix all possible security problems.
Effective licensing
ML supports 7 different licensing types. These are divided into two groups. The first group is ‘local’ and the second is ‘remote’. The difference between them is that remote types can be changed instantly using the web, and local licensing types are compiled statically with no connection to the web.
Effective authentication
Authentication is possible through receipt number, CID, login and password, and account number.
Lifetime hosting
Remote licensing requires that your configuration files are hosted on the web. As part of our service we provide lifetime hosting at no additional cost.
Scalable/failover by hosting
ML servers are designed to switch to alternative servers if the primary server goes down. This ensures that your project is kept running.
Lifetime update
Through our innovative backend you will be notified automatically about the latest changes to the MQLLock Engine. You can reprocess your project as many times as you like. All new features will be included for the lifetime of your project. Apart from new features, these updates include security and bug fixes.
Unlimited client Support
ML supports an unlimited number of clients per project. Once you’ve protected your project you can sell it to as many clients as you wish. And we won’t charge you an extra cent.
Change licensing remotely (for remote only)
You can change licensing and authentication online anytime you like using the credentials given to you by the MQLLock Engine
Stop your project remotely
You can stop your project remotely. After enabling this feature your project will immediately stop working, everywhere! Projects that have been stopped can be restarted at any time by simply “unstopping” them!
Update notification support
You can notify all your clients using effective update notification. Once you’ve set up this feature all your clients will get a popup (they close it by confirming). Update notifications can be version-specific. This means you can display different messages for different versions. It’s also possible to specify a URL to be displayed in the notification window. When clicked it will open the user’s browser and navigate to the specified URL.
24/7 Access to your project configuration
Almost anything can be changed dynamically using the ML Vendor Panel (24/7, and without limits). All changes are applied immediately to all your clients.
Advanced support
Our team fixes all bugs and security issues, and develops new features every day. We also answer your questions and reply to your suggestions for new features via email.
Expiration date support
Any project can have an additional expiration date. The ML Engine will ensure that your project expires on the correct day at the correct time. In order to do this the time is not taken from the local computer. The expiration date can be adjusted or completely removed remotely. All changes take effect instantly.
User Level expiration date
Beside Project level expiration date, you have the possibility to add expiration dates per user
Product URL support
Icons representing each of your ML protected projects appear on the chart. One of these icons is the ML icon. This icon is clickable. Clicking it will open the given URL in the user’s default browser. You can define the product/company URL that will be shown after clicking. If you do this your clients will have a direct line to your product.
MQLLock library support
The MQLLock Library (MLL) is designed to extend the functionality of MQL and help MQL developers in their day-to-day work. This library is available to everyone and contains routines such as: “Bring Metatrader4 Terminal to Front”, ”Add Link Items to Terminal”, ”Open given URL in Browser”, ”Calculate current EST Time” and a lot more besides. The library is a DLL file which is freely available to everyone. You don’t have to use ML to use the library in your products. If you do use it with ML, the MQLLock Engine will automatically detect it and wrap it automatically! This way you don’t have to ship it with your products.
Codesign Protection
Codesigning is a new technique to protect the identity and owner of exe/dll files. All MQLLock files will be codesigned automatically. This protection is a high-end solution for your projects!
Replace your source code anytime you wish
Imagine you need modifications in your project source code: you can replace it anytime you wish simply by uploading new source code.
Access to variables remotely
You may use Remotevar feature of MQLLock to define and access variables across internet. With Remotevar you can change your variables value anytime you wish remotely. Imagine you define all your trading parameters remotely or publish message of the day etc.
Account type detection
You may use this feature to tie your licences to specific account type. For example you can say that a specific licence is only allowed to be used with a Demo account and restrict usage with Real accounts.
Automatic Updates
Fully automatic Updates are available for everyone without any restrictions. You can upgrade or downgrade between your project versions completly automatic.