Its easy to decompile any ex4 file

Unfortunetly its too easy to decompile any MQL file. Years ago only “elite” people had this privilege, now every “kid” can do with even without paying. In all forums there are many “leet” kids they offer decompiling for free. I think you know how much time a software developer spends behind a project, so like us. Its not only time behind a project; its also a lot money, nervs and ideas behind it which is beeing risked to distribute .ex4 files unprotected.

We Fx1 Inc are behind copy-protection and licencing since over 2 years yet. We do have a lot experience and got a lot feedback in this market to develop best product for the community. We did not start this business to make money (see Guardian)! We know we can/will fight those “leet” kids to protect our and your rights.

Its very important to have a company behind a protection approach. Why? because technology changes so fast, you need a company who adapts the solution to latest technology level, you dont need to be geek to implement such solutions if there is a company who is taking care of such things. To have a company there should be a premium product. Thats what we have done with MQLLock. Ally with us to fight those decompile “leet” kids.

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