Digital Signatures have been added

All MQLLock customers protection level has been improved by Code Signing. Every DLL gets code signed.

What does that mean for your protection?

Code signed files are marked with signature of MQLLock company Fx1 Inc. Signatures are not only beeing used to identify maintainer of a file, they are also used to check integrity. A valid signed DLL files Signature will be broken as soon you change even 1 bit in the file! This is new level of protection offered to all your files. Your files are digitally signed and our internal routines check validity and owner of the signature to avoid modifications on DLL files.

How to check integrity

You pick your DLL file, right-click on the file, then pick Properties and you will see new tab among other properties: Digital Signatures. Click to this tab, then make sure “Fx1 Inc” is the only company who signed this file and double click to “Fx1 Inc” to see if the signature is valid or not. If you dont see a Digital Signatures property, then signature has been removed from file. Those files will not work anymore. If you dont see “Fx1 Inc” among signed companies then there is something wrong with signature (most likely third-party-people have changed it), such files will also dont work anymore. Only those files they are from “Fx1 Inc” and they say “Signature is valid” will be able to work.

Enjoy your new protection feature

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