Changes log

Here we would like to describe changes which have been done in every ML engine version. This way you as developer can decide to update or not. Many updates in backend solve very special bugs which may not effect your case, in such cases you dont need to update your project to avoid updates of your clients.

New: We have prepared a Troubleshooting documentation for you and your clients. Please study this documentation carefully before submitting any bug.

  • If you are using account# authentication and one of some of your clients do have problems to authenticate, you might consider updating to this version

  • Minor cosmetic bug has been fixed. No need to upgrade if you are ok with 2.5.145

  • Critical bug in user expiration, please use 2.5.145 as default

  • Better authentication routines implemented

  • Several crash fixes

  • Several bugfixes

  • Several bugfixes

  • Very detailed stats about your project, this version is required in order to see stats

  • Speed improvements and also some people have reported crash issues

  • Speed improvements

  • Improved security
  • Several internal thread issues fixed which caused crash

  • Urgent security updates applied, we consider this as stable and secure from now on. We recommend all our clients to update to this version asap.
  • several minor patches

  • RemoteVar crash updates

  • Update Notification has been patched. Unless you use this feature you dont need to update

  • Optimised license management, should increase the speed by most of clients

  • Several Security Updates & Latest Metatrader updates. We recommend everyone this version as stable

  • Faster licencing server accesses possible. Here is an optimisation done, if you want or can efford an update use this version

  • Integration with MetaSetup has been done, no necessity to update if you dont use MetaSetup Update Feature

  • If you are using CID Licensing and some of your clients have CID Authentication problems, please download new ShowMyCid.exe tool from Download section and use 2.4.118. This is a quick patch, go with this patch only if you require.

  • Skip licensing for DEMO accounts has been implemented. Once activated demo accounts will be able to use mqllock protected product without requiring a licence. REAL accounts will be licensed only.

  • We have new “Open licensing” variant. Now it is possible to limit open licensing to Real, Demo or Real+Demo accounts. Please upgrade only if you want to use new Open licensing variant.

  • “Licensing server down” issues fixed. This is recommended version

  • Speed improvements
  • Seveal bug fixes for latest MetaTrader Terminal Builds

  • Speed improvement by 180%
  • Seveal bug fixes about ML 0x83 & ML 0x95 errors
  • DLL Size optimised and 40% reduced

  • License server issue solved. Please use this version if you or your clients have trouble connecting our license servers

  • 100% Speed Improvement. Now all EAs and Indciators will run 100% faster
  • Important security improvement

  • Terminal was freezeing by restart if mqllock protected been on charts. This has been fixed.

  • Metatrader4 Build 67x has changed AccountNumber Algorithm. If you or your clients have trouble with AccountNumber licencing, use this update

  • Metatrader4 Build 64x has changed AccountNumber Algorithm, this patch is required for everyone who needs to suport 64x and want use AccountNumber authentication. Other licencing methods are not effected from this. This is not a ML bug, its because MetaQuotes is updating things wild too fast.

  • Chinese Character problem solved, Unicode support improved & fixed
  • Logging feature implemented (see Logs menu inside Vendor Panel)
  • AutoUpdate /portable support implemented
  • Different changes/fixes in engine

2.4.105 – 2.4.106
  • Bugfixes
  • Enabling/Disabling user in new User Interface is implementented. You can use this feature from engine version 106 and up only. All previous engine versions does not support this feature
  • We recommend to upgrade to 106
  • AutoUpdate is optimised and available now with 2.4.105

  • Changing Timeframes is much faster now
  • RV bug has been fixed which was caused by 2.4.103, now RV is loading every 15 min
  • RV Crash issue is fixed
  • Several crash issues fixed
  • DLL is made more secure to avoid future problems

2.4.100 – 2.4.103 (MAJOR UPDATE)
  • We Support Metatrader Builds > 520, this also includes 600+
  • Many changes to adapt MqlLock to latest MT4 Builds
  • PropertyIcon Support implemented
  • Authentication is faster now
  • Input command support

All previous Versions are for Metatrader Build < 520

1.3.075 + 1.3.076 (Nov.2013) (MAJOR UPDATE)
  • Speed improvements over 100%
  • MLM Support for backend
  • New API has been released, completly rewritten with new Features
  • New verbose API2 Documentation
  • Critical security problems solved. Update is recommended
  • Several internal bugs which were reported solved
  • Several preperations have been implemented for soon coming MT4 Terminal release which was announced over
  • We urge you to change to this version

074 (31.Jul.2013)
  • AutoUpdate Feature has been implemented
  • Security improvements
  • Speed improvements. This version should be faster then previous 2-3 versions
  • Several bugs have been fixed, these bugs caused that projects sometimes did not act properly
  • Now its possible to disable mqllock icon from chart.
  • We have added 2 more backup servers for your clients. Now we do host backup servers in 3 different locations and 2 continents along 5 different hostings. Only available from 074
  • We recommend you to test this version and update all your projects to this version asap

073 (9.Jul.2013)
  • Speed improvements, we recommend you to upgrade to this revision if you were running 071,072
  • Security improvements
  • We recommend to update to this version for everyone

  • Crash updates, upgrade only if you have problems with crash

  • Security has been improved by 3 times
  • We recommend this version to everyone who wants to improve the security dramatically

  • Improved security measurements
  • Indicator crash issues solved
  • Only upgrade if you have trouble with crashes

  • Improvements & Small Bug fixes
  • If your EA/Indicator crashes by Timeframe changing, use this version
  • Only upgrade if you have trouble with crashes

  • Improvements & Small Bug fixes

  • Improvements in MQLLock Library
  • Updated mll.dll to new version 005
  • Improvements in DEINIT Handling which should avoid crashes
  • This version should eliminate unexpected expired messages, completly rewritten concept
  • Update to this version is highly recommended for everyone!
  • Clients using mll.dll should also update their mll.dll locally

  • In case your indicator/ea does not act like original, you may consider using this version. We have fixed several issues here.

  • Some older Operating Systems like XP/2003 brought a “GetTickCount64” error. This has been solved.

  • Every client who has processed any project from 08.Feb till 10.Feb should upgrade to this version. We have reprocessed many clients who had reprocess between 08.Feb. and 10.Feb automatically.
  • This version should authenticate users faster
  • We have detected problems if user has off-time on computer. Time is very very very critical factor of MQLlock. Scenario: if user sets his/her time to x days later then actual time, this was causing big problems with MQLLock. This is normal behaviour because user is modifying the time manually and decides for trouble. This version of ML tries to solve most of problems caused by off-time on users computer.
  • If your version is crashing immediatly after applying the project to chart, upgrade to this version too
  • Fixed errors in expiration algoritm

  • Fixed several crash issues
  • This version should load licences faster
  • If you have trouble with crashes try to upgrade, else you may run your old ml versions

  • Security measurements have been improved
  • Vendors they got 0x0f, 0xff errors should update to this version
  • We have added 2 more backup servers to system, this way ML will get more stable
  • Several bugfixes
  • We recommend this version only for people they have problems or concerns about security

060 & 061
  • Security measurements have been almost doubled. This may lead slower backtests but increases the security

  • Several crash issues have been solved
  • We recommend people they have problems to upgrade to this version, if your project is running well, dont upgrade

  • Metatrader Build 445 is supported now
  • Bugs solved which was causing indicators crash
  • We recommend people they have problems to upgrade to this version, but most likely every client will upgrade to Metatrader build 445, so its highly recommended to update your projects

  • Security measurements have been increased but still prior versions are very safe
  • Memory management has been optimised
  • RemoteVar is supported now, clients they want to use RemoteVar needs to have at least this version please
  • No special reason to upgrade to this version unless you want to use RemoteVar or have crash problems

  • Memory management has been optimised
  • Projects should be faster now
  • CPU Usage has been optimised
  • Some functions have been optimised to speed up
  • This version also fixes memory leak and high memory usage
  • We recommend everyone to update to 056

  • Some bug inside deinit() handling has been fixed. In case your Project has crashed by removing the EA/Indicator you may consider to upgrade, othersise no need

  • Serious bug has been resolved which was only in version 1.0.53. Everyone with 1.0.53 should reprocess immediatly.
  • We have updated all 053 versions automatically to 054 to avoid complications

  • Arrays are now part of ML. In previous versions array could not be converted.

  • Bug in StrToTime has been resolved

All older version changes are not described

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