Attention: Decompiled Projects cannot be Protected

Decompiling is illegal

MQLLock does not want to support decompilers or people they use decompiled source codes. It came to our attention that we had vendors with decompiled source code. Its illegal to decompile and use source code from someone else. MQLLock has stopped supporting protecting decompiled source codes. We think its our responsibility to do this step.

Effective from July 2013 we have stopped processing decompiled source codes. We detect decompiled source code by running MQL Compiler. Please see this post about MQL Compiler and the measurements from MetaQuotes to avoid decompiling.

Our detection bases on MetaQuotes compiler. Unfortunetly MQ Decompiler sometimes detects legal source codes as decompiled. You can see our comments here about this problem. We hope that MQ fixes this problem as soon as possible

How to test your source code

Its possible to test your source code before sending to MQLLock to be protected. Please download latest MT4 Build (make sure its latest) and try to compile your source code with it. If this compiler compiles and generates .ex4 file, then your source code will also be supported with MQLLock

Wrongful Detection

If you think your source code was detected wrongful as “decompiled”, you may try to edit your variable names, function names, add comments. We cannot give you any instructions about this but we know MetaQuotes compiler denies to recompile decompiled code based on text pattern detection

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