New Feature : Remotevars

MQLLock Remotevar(RV) feature

We are proud to announce new feature for our clients, we call it RemoteVars.

What is RV?

RV is a tool developed for professional level coders to access variables across network. You define variables inside MQLLock Control Panel and can edit them remotely without updating your Projects.

Why should you need RV?

To be very flexible! Some usage examples:

  • You can change trading parameters dynamically without updating your projects.
  • Define Message Of Day and update it daily to display this to your clients.
  • You may have programmed your own expiration date, you can check the date and extend it remotely if its required.
  • You can stop your Project remotely in emergency cases.
  • You can define brokers which are allowed to be traded and this you can maintain flexible and remotely.
  • Increase security! Without having access to RV servers noone will be able to read and know your trading parameters! So even if someone try to hack you, this someone will have no access to correct parameters you update regularly.
  • There are tons of possible ways you may use RV in your projects .

Developers: use the edge of beeing part in MQLLock network. We continiously develop new features for our community to make the world easier and safer. Please see more details here

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